"Beth brings light and a sense of joy in what is sometimes a very muddy process. She is compassionate, curious, steady, and caring in her approach, and seeks to provide the client with a sense of agency in how they navigate their inner terrain.


She is skilled in breaking down complicated experiences into smaller pieces that can be sifted through patiently and with great care. Her presence and emotional availability is one that allows for any door to be opened and for any emotion to be experienced safely." 

Anonymous-Jan 2016

In a short time, I find myself feeling understood, seen, and cared about. Your curative powers abound!

Anonymous, 2019

"I really appreciate how nimble you are at noticing and addressing certain unconscious aspects of my personality as they arise in conversation in the moment. I've described you to others as a perfect blend of laser-focused and nurturing.

It's also very important to me that you're not averse to naming, understanding, and dealing directly with the darkness of cruelty and suffering -- in yourself, in your clients, and in the world at large."  Oct 2014

"Beth is a talented healer, truth teller, connector of ideas, and artist.

​I'd recommend her to anyone

interested in making a transformation or being more conscious and present for their life."  

​Angela Lussier-Founder, The Speaker Sisterhood

​"I have been able to process old grief and trauma somatically which has been tremendously beneficial for my healing. The mindfulness practices are informative and containing. Your nurturing presence has been powerful. Thank you for how you walk in the world."

Anonymous, June 2018

  "I feel like you have my back, and you can see where I need a lot of encouragement in order to move forward."  Anonymous, May 2015