Ballad of the Flood


A puppet and cranky play by Beth Fairservis about the Mill River Flood of 1874.

Music by Jonathan Stevens. Performed at Northampton Center for the Arts. Jan 2022.

And the Williamsburg Grange, May 16th, 2022.

Youtube video

Inch by Inch

Green River Festival 2022

MuZen Theater

The Great Green Being Puppet and their cohort of Vegetables and the courageous fossil fuel free dragon parading at the Green River Festival 2022

With Players from the Paper, String Revolt, and the marvelous volunteer festival goers!

Ebb and Flow

Hungry Ghost Bakery
Improvisational Performance with cellist Stephen Katz about the end of Summer and speaking words of freedom.
At the Hungry Ghost Bakery Amphitheater 2021