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Performance Art
& Parades

Beth has been creating activist theater events on the street or in theaters for over 25 years. She has collaborated with many activist organizations including: Climate Action Now, Mother's Out Front, and Sunrise Youth Movement. She has brought her giant puppet pageants to the Green River Festival, Garlic and Arts Festival, The Unifier Festival, The Hungry Ghost Festival, and the Hartsbrook School.

Upcoming 2024


The Paper Mache Protest
A Mother's Call to Action!

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With her giant puppet the Great Green Being close by, counselor and artist, Beth Fairservis shares her journey from new mother to street theater activist, inspiring audiences to be courageous with their creativity and bring about a more beautiful and just world for all beings!

Check it out in the video below!


Ballad of the Flood

A puppet and cranky play by Beth Fairservis about the Mill River Flood of 1874.

Music by Jonathan Stevens. Performed at Northampton Center for the Arts. Jan 2022.

And the Williamsburg Grange, May 16th, 2022. You can watch the full version below.

Youtube video

Parades & Puppets!
More images coming soon

Green River Festival 2022

Green River Festival 2022

Hungry Ghost Bakery

Ebb and Flow

Improvisational Performance with cellist Stephen Katz about the end of Summer and speaking words of freedom.
At the Hungry Ghost Bakery Amphitheater 2021
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