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Body Centered Counseling


In these times, we are being

pushed to our limits.

If you have experienced trauma,

struggle with relationships,

feel like something is wrong with you,

feel unsafe,

anxious or alone,

Take a deep breath

and know that...

 even as the world is changing,

you can find your center

and ride the wave. 

It just takes practice.

I'm here to help.


  "Beth's presence and emotional availability is one that allows for any door to be opened and for any emotion to be experienced safely."  D.W. 

For over 20 years,

I have been exploring ways to

stay embodied, empowered

and excited about life 

even while facing difficult

and painful situations. 

As a somatic therapist,

Buddhist pastoral counselor,

birth educator, climate activist,

performance and visual artist, 

parent and gardener,

I have learned to...



 and trust

the natural cycles of life

that lead us back to wholeness.

I am here to help you

find your way home to yourself

even when life is hard.

 "Beth is compassionate, curious, steady, and caring in her approach, and seeks to provide the client with a sense of agency in how they navigate their inner terrain."

(M.R. - Northampton)

"Beth is a talented healer, truth teller, connector of ideas, and artist.​ I'd recommend her to anyone interested in making a transformation or being more conscious

and present for their life."  

​Angela Lussier-Founder, The Speaker Sisterhood


In our sessions

you will learn how to:

  • Trust your body as your guide to wholeness.

  • Expand your capacity for being with pain and complexity while tapping into the wonder and joy of life.

  • Dissolve your isolation through creativity and connection with nature.

  • ​Reframe despair and hopelessness as portals to  wisdom and compassion.

  • Set loving boundaries and speak with confidence.

As you practice inner listening

you will build skill in shifting

your relationship

with the world

from reactivity

to centered responsiveness. 

You will learn to listen in to yourself

with curiosity, compassion,


integrity and love.

The Buddha touched the Earth

as his witness 

right at the moment in his meditation

when the illusions or thoughts in his mind 

became the most fierce and ugly.

He asked the Earth to be his witness

and when his fingers touched the soil

he knew the truth about the illusions within his mind

and he experienced freedom and happiness.

I believe that at the root of our ability to find happiness is a relationship based in trust.

I seek to foster a safe space for you

to be exactly who you are

in the moment

without expectations.

We often begin our sessions

with a guided

meditation so that you can

take lots of time

to discover how you are really feeling

and to orient your senses

to the present moment.

We make space for the 

voices in your mind

that may be critical, afraid,

worried, hiding,

angry and sad

to be heard with compassion.

As you deepen in your listening

you will discover how emotions present

themselves in your body as inner children,

teenagers, and/or as traumatic incidents

that loop in survival mode.

You will learn about your nervous system

and how to ground

and center yourself

through somatic techniques

that help release survival energy,


You will learn how to cultivate

your bond with nature

your creativity,

and your relationships 

as resources for your healing.

As you cultivate living 

in presence with yourself, 

your roots will deepen,

and you will naturally rise with joy

to help transform

and heal our world. 

I look forward to connecting!

Beth's sessions are held via Zoom

and in her home office in her

Yurt in the Woods in

Williamsburg, MA.

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