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Would you be interested in joining me

in a Sacred Creative Art Pageant

on the streets of Northampton

honoring Mother Earth

and her vulnerable peoples?

one Saturday a month through 2024?


Do you get excited imagining yourself

carrying an artful banner, puppet,

or wearing a

mask or costume

of a creature, plant, persons or culture

that cannot speak for themselves

on the streets

in a monthly ritual art pageant

including; silent meditation, bell ringing, singing

and reading a declaration of our interdependence with all of life?


I have had this recurrent vision for many years

and feel deeply called by the

increasing intensity of suffering world wide

to do something unusual on the street regularily

that is spiritually uplifting,


and supports the activist movement for the rights of all beings!


I’m imagining a


for People and Planet!

Art Pageant & Bell Ringing

for the Sake of all Beings


with Art build & Preparation on the Friday night before


This can really happen if we have a strong committed group of us!

who knows! we might go viral!


Anyone can join, Anytime. Anywhere!

If you live outside of Western Mass, you could start your own local

PULSE for People and Planet!


I’m looking for some dedicated folks

to be core actors & guides

and video/photographers to help bring these actions

out to the world!


If your getting a strong YES!


reach out



I would like to gather with folks to talk through the vision


I would like to begin

Saturday, March 2nd 10-12AM

Art Build at Yurt in the Woods Studio


Friday, March 5th 5-8pm

at Yurt in the Woods Studio

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