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Monthly Street Art Actions

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July 6th!

Interdependence Day 2024

 Pageant of All Beings!

10-12 Noon 

Meet in Pulaski Park

 Main St. Northampton, MA.

Come Celebrate our Interdependence with all life! 

Get grounded, raise up your voice and art, and step out into the world as a human who cares deeply for Grandmother Earth and all her creatures.


We will circle up at 10am in Pulaski Park with giant puppets and handmade banners created by artist and pastoral counselor Beth Fairservis. Guided by Beth, we will co-create a communal passion play expressing the voices of the land and animals, through shared words and song. We will collectively honor the earth and her creatures and acknowledge the suffering and the resilience we are experiencing in this time of extinction and awakening. Then we will joyously walk in a pageant on the sidewalks of Northampton, leading back to the park for a sharing of Hungry Ghost Bread!


Beth Fairservis, has been creating art, puppets and theater about climate change and social justice for over 20 years. She has co-produced street theater events in alignment with Climate Action Now, Mother’s Out Front, Extinction Rebellion, and most recently Western MA Rights of Nature. Inspired by the work of Joanna Macy and with a passion for the cultures of original peoples world wide, Beth lives into the belief that communal art expression in public spaces is essential for humans in maintaining a sense of connection with each other and with the land. Beth seeks to orient her work towards the highest good of all beings, by creatively celebrating our interconnectedness

as a lived story in our bodies!

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ARTPULSE 4 NATURE #1.    Earthday, 2024

We are the weavers, we are the web!


ARTPULSE 4 NATURE #2-Gay Pride Parade!


ARTPULSE #3 June 1st, Give way to the River...

Support the Sturgeon, bring down the Dams on the CT. River! 

Do you feel called to do something


on the sidewalks 

that is spiritually uplifting,

creative, communal

and supports our future on this planet!

Our actions will be directly supporting

Western Mass Rights of Nature

Western MA Extinction Rebellion

Climate Action Now

We believe that a regular ART PULSE of presence,

in public spaces, that is beautiful, heart felt, and rooted in pre-modern ways of celebrating nature as our sustenance and kin, is a vital way to transform fear into action. 

 Join us on an adventure into

becoming a voice for the natural world

through art!

Go to Town

 Ring Bells!

Find Stillness in the Biz as Usual

Share your Nature Voice

Support Others

Build Community

Network Direct Action!


First Saturdays 2024

Pulse 2019_edited.jpg

I can't wait to be

on the street

 with you!






made by Beth! 

 Help Bring


to as many communities as possible!

All Good Things to you and your relations and the EARTH our home!

With LOVE!


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