Body Centered


Are you struggling with depression,

overwhelm, anxiety, grief? you have a feeling of emptiness

that you are longing to fill? 

Beth has over 10 years of experience in mindfulness based spiritual psychotherapy and creative embodiment practices that

transform emotional pain and struggle into

empowered, joyful and engaged living!










Beth will help you...


~ Understand and heal from depression 

~Learn mindfulness for calming fears and anxieties

~Connect with your inner child

~Transform anger into grounded and passionate truth telling

~Learn to set clear boundaries

~Open creativity blocks and empower your creative voice

~Connect with nature as your deepest source of nourishment

~Transform Despair into Loving Action!



About Beth...

Beth has been counseling individuals and mentoring families for over 20 years in Western Mass.  She has a Masters Degree in Buddhist Pastoral Counseling and Body-Centered Spiritual Psychotherapy from the Graduate Theological Foundation and the Hartford Family Institute.

She is an ordained Shuso in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition and has a B.A in Philosophy from Vassar College. She is the founder of the Joyous Warrior Personal Growth Program, as well as being co-founder of MuZen Theater with her husband Stephen Katz.


Beth is also an InnerBonding® inner child counselor and Birthing From Within® child birth educator. She is a certified MotherWoman® group facilitator. She is currently studying Creative Resonance® Therapy.

Beth is a dedicated Eco-Artist and is a member of Climate Action Now and The Extinction rebellion. She has explored extensively the relationship between embodied creative expression of our intimate connection with the earth and our psychological wellbeing. She has studied theater with Meredith Monk, Rachel Rosenthal, Ricardo Puccetti, Double Edge Theater, and Sandglass Puppet Theater.


Over the past 20 years she has created performance art and produced giant puppet parades and rituals with children, adults and organizations, that directly address climate change, nuclear war, and racism.  

Sessions with Beth...

~Mind~  We begin our sessions with Mindfulness practice. Listening to the ring of the bell, your awareness of breath, sounds in the room, and the sensations of your body serve as an essential guide to your session, and to your life. We often take moments to pause and reflect to connect your mind and body as you process your experiences and become clear about what needs healing and attention. With practice you will automatically connect to your body when feelings are coming up, and will feel empowered to listen in and find out how beliefs and conditioning are affecting your experience in the present moment. 


~Heart~ Your heart holds the deepest most important stories of your life. How does it feel to connect with your heart? Is it painful? Is it tight? Does your heart long for connection but feels it needs to stay protected?  The goal of healing is to be able to open your heart  to take in love, and at the same time feel confident in setting boundaries and knowing what is your emotional material and what is not yours.


~BodyYour body is very wise and holds your stories, your emotions and the stories and emotions of your ancestors. Releasing and expressing what is pent up in your body is an essential part of your well-being. In our sessions we explore bio-energetics, breath work, authentic movement and time in nature as ways to liberate your energy so that you can feel secure in relationships, and joyful in your life.  Your body is your home, and it is your birth right to feel comfortable in it.