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Taking in Love as a Regenerative Act.

All across the globe we are being separated by an unseeable little viral form which seeks a home in our lungs, and yet shows no awareness of it's affect on our being. For this, we must stay separate and carefully cleanse our bodies and our dwellings.

At the same time an unseeable force of LOVE is also rising and reaching out across the Earth to all people, creatures, plants, trees, and elements on Earth.

This LOVE is generating an evolutionary revolution that can restructure our societies and regenerate our environment!

Loving and taking in love initiates a reaching out, like mycorrhiza in the soil which networks with the vast diversity of life, creating a rich vibrant soil layer from sea to shining sea.

Love, creativity, kindness, compassion, good food, water, air and community is the binding force, but how do we access it? And when we do have access, can we let it in deeply enough that it flows back out in abundance to those who need it most?

So how do we take LOVE in?

For me, the inoculant that jump starts my regenerative soul is in letting love into myself, no matter how small a drop in the beginning. Love that comes from the ongoing realization of the miraculous gift of life.

Imagine that our bodies, hearts and minds are like the soil on Earth. For many, the soil of our beings has been damaged by the constant plowing and poisoning of capitalist manipulation. We are overwhelmed by cynicism and yet utterly dependent on the system.

When the soil of our souls has been over-tilled and degraded by violence, intolerance, racism, pollution, trauma and fear. We become hardened by it all and love runs off of us barely penetrating the deeper tissues of relaxation and trust in community.

Yet when our psyches are infused with compassionate, energized love, it becomes a healing agent; an aggregate that nourishes our clarity for justice and builds our resilience against fear and distraction.

This is a vital time to let every precious breath, sunrise, sunset, child, friend, family, lover, tree, field and flower, animal, insect and fish enter into your heart as a precious gift from the universe. Every thing is a gift, even the suffering we see, which like compost is about death, decay and chaos, but through fierce witnessing becomes the nutrient rich soil for awakening to beauty, wisdom and truth.

Never forget that you are the Earth and that you can cultivate life by letting love into your heart. What will grow from you will be the forms that the earth has always guided us to create and to truly be seen: community, creativity, and sensitive conscious relationships with plants, trees and creatures.

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