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Get Creative!
Change the World!
Would you child enjoy being in the woods, making art,
and practicing how to listen mindfully to the world
while finding their own unique creative spark?

Cellist/composer Stephen Katz and artist/mindfulness teacher Beth Fairservis combine 40 years of experience working with children in the arts and cultivating practices of living mindfully in offering their unique MuZen Mindful Creative Camp!

Give your children the unique experience of 
becoming a MuZeneer in a Yurt in the Woods!

Becoming a MuZeneer means:
Learning to be aware of your inner life, of others, and of nature.
Listening in to your creative intuition
Taking creative actions that help yourself, others and the planet!
Children will experience:
daily immersions into mindful listening and games,
cooperative music making, artful hikes into nature, and free choice time with
paint, clay, paper mache, dancing, and improv theater.  

July 22nd-26th
July 29th-Aug 2nd.
9AM - 3PM

​Ages 9-13

$300/wk per child
$260 if paid by April 1
$200 per added sibling
$260 per friend you bring along

Space is limited to 10 children

On Fridays at 2pm the children will have the opportunity
to share their creative work with family and friends.

MuZen is passionate about Mindfulness, Music, Puppets and Activism. We make puppets -- from giant ones pulled on wheeled carts, to small, delicate paper beings.  We have traveled all across Western Mass to city halls, streets and festivals expressing the truth about Climate Change, and the need to transform our "way of life" from a consumption based society to a world defined by the core values of loving kindness, peace, equality and sustainability.

Our work is dependent on the generous donations of our friends and sponsors. If you would like to become a Sponsor you can go to our Patreon site here.

MuZen believes that humanity must remember our roots as people of the earth. We are deeply grateful to the surviving indigenous communities of our planet who model a harmonious relationship with all of nature.

We call upon the wisdom of our spiritual teachers, the Buddha in particular, who taught that the way we see the world is deeply influenced by the stories we weave in our minds, and as we tune our minds, calm our emotions, and find peace in our bodies, we naturally evolve a compassionate society where we relate with all beings and the earth itself  with equality and respect.

Our theater practices seek to guide both players and audience members to experience innately the truth of our interdependent existence. Our street theater strives to bring about something beyond direct protest. We seek to illuminate the big picture: the elements, history, personal responsibility, ​and the truth of the suffering we see on earth.

Creativity can illuminate and therefore transcend the dualism of right and wrong, and illuminate a path which is fun and inspiring. We draw inspiration from the Zen Peacemakers who follow the Three Tenets:
Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, & Taking Creative Action.

At MuZen we add creativity to our action.
​We feel that making art is an essential, natural gift of being human, ​which is to be creative!

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