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Welcome to the
Joyous Warrior Way!
Hand to Earth Workshops


Right before the Buddha became enlightened they put their hand to the Earth. The Buddha was facing incomprehensible horrors. fears, anger hatred and greed, death in the form of Mara, but this simple gesture and the power of presence in the Earth itself gave the Buddha courage to be steadfast even in a moment of terror. This is the way of the Joyous Warrior, to touch the earth and know without hesitation that our fears are an illusion. The Joyous Warrior knows that love is truth.  

Are you feeling called
to step up and bring about real change...

with your creativity? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the issues, and the suffering you see?

Have you ever imagined that making art could substantially shift the world towards healing?

To live a deeply full-filled life is to connect with nature, access your creative spirit and experience your innate sense of justice that is your birth right. And is in fact how nature designed us. To care, to create, to evolve towards love.

Unfortunately, society, conditioning, and ancestral trauma have caused most of us to harm ourselves and inversely harm others because we are in pain.  Th into goal oriented life practices that bring satisfaction and joy.

Join me on an experiential journey into body centered tools for healing your nervous system while awakening your connection to the evolution of healing that is happening right now for humanity and the Earth. 

  You can become a Joyous Warrior!

You might think that Activism is scary, edgy, and causes burn out.

This can feel  true if:

~you are living with unhealed trauma
~overwhelmed with media influences 
  ~unconsciously or consciously believing that your work doesn't really matter

I want to help you avoid these pitfalls!

Instead, I can help you meet the challenges of our time by
supporting you to:

~gain mastery in settling your nervous system
~define clear goals for your unique gifts
~practice mindful awareness of your emotions
~utilize creativity to express your values

You will learn that our agency in this world is our connection between our thoughts, our heart and our hands.

Yes, your hands really do the work! Whether you are writing a letter to a senator, a poem, painting a sign, holding a baby, or cleaning your dishes, your hands express what your body, mind and heart are feeling!

Are you ready to get to your hands busy while enjoying a full-filling life?




Videos to guide you in activating

your Joyous Warrior



 Body Centered Spiritual Therapy Sessions for restoring clarity and peace within your body, mind and heart


Weeks to Activate your

Joyous Warrior!

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