Joyous Warrior


Do you love the Earth and her People?

Are you creative, passionate and sensitive?

Do you feel called to be of service
to the world?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the issues, and the suffering you see?

You are not alone. 
In fact, you are one of many who are ready to tap into powerful creative, practical actions that transform both your inner self
and the world around you. 

The world needs your unique gifts NOW, more than ever!

To live a deeply full-filled life is to connect with your natural sense of justice and beauty with your whole being. 

But to get there we often have to take a deep dive into ourselves and
move beyond self harming beliefs into goal oriented life practices that bring satisfaction and joy.

Join me on an experiential journey into body centered tools for healing your nervous system while awakening your connection to the evolution of healing that is happening right now for humanity and the Earth. 

  You can become a Joyous Warrior!

You might think that Activism is scary, edgy, and causes burn out.
This can feel  true if:
-your proceeding with unhealed trauma
-exerting constant pressure on yourself 
  -unconsciously believing that your work doesn't really matter. 

I want to help you avoid those pitfalls!

Instead I want to help you meet the challenges of our time with:
-clear goals,
-a relaxed body
-an open mind
and an emotionally intelligent heart
that is directly connected to your hands!

Yes, your hands really do the work! Whether you are writing a letter to a senator, a poem, painting a sign, holding a baby, or cleaning your dishes, your hands express what your body, mind and heart are feeling!

Are you ready to get to your hands busy while enjoying a full-filling life?




Videos to guide you in activating

your Joyous Warrior



 Body Centered Spiritual Therapy Sessions for restoring clarity and peace within your body, mind and heart


Weeks to Activate your

Joyous Warrior!