Embodied Wisdom

 Resilient Living

 Creative Activism!

~Are you in shock about what is happening in our world?


~Are looking for support to manage your emotions, embody your values, and get active?


~Would you like to transform anxiety and depression into creative action?

~Would you like to feel the earth as your ally, love the trees as your family and draw inspiration from the sky?

~Would you like to be a JOYOUS Guide?

"It is my passion to help you align your life with the powerful wisdom of nature...of Gaia consciousness, while drawing upon the ancient wisdom of Buddhist psychology."


You will discover that anxiety and depression are doorways that lead to a new way of living infused with wisdom, regenerative growth and JOYOUS celebration of life through personal growth, creativity and community.

Beth has been guiding clients for over 10 years in mindfulness-based, embodiment practices and subtle body spiritual psychotherapy.

She has been leading large groups in creative ritual events that celebrate our Interdependence for over 15 years.

You can find out more about all of Beth's offerings on this website and by following on Social Media.

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