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Sacred Creative Activism

Open your Heart! Engage your Hands! Create Change!

Join Body Centered Counselor, Artist and Activist,

Beth Fairservis, on a path of self discovery that leads to

creative courageous actions for the sake of all beings. 

"The world will not end, this unfolding is infinite. It's all about love,

but there is a pattern on Earth that has been broken, keep looking for the pattern."

The Paper Mache Protest-quote from a play by Beth Fairservis

Beth has been creating parades, plays, art and rituals

that honor nature while calling out injustice

for more than 30 years.

She has seen how resilient and joyful people become

when they unite in communal creative activism 

that expresses sustainability, resilience and wonder while also 

taking direct action.

Certainly, now more than ever is the time to open your heart and allow the call of what you love about the Earth and people to move you into action. There is so much we can do to transform fear about climate change and social injustice into direct creative actions.


Imagine that facing the seemingly impossible could actually be enlivening and even joyous!

But we need each other to do essential part of the pattern of life on earth is our human impulse to celebrate it through ritual, storytelling, parties, songs, dances, paintings and masks, pageants and parades!


We all have traditions from our ancestors, before organized religion, that both celebrated and educated the people about the sacred patterns of nature. When something is sacred it means it needs to be respected, protected. honored. Fortunately, indigenous people all over the world have survived the onslaught of genocide brought on by colonialism, and are sharing their Original Instructions for living within the harmonious pattern of life. 

Sign up HERE for Beth's FREE online Sacred Creativity session May 15th

Sign up HERE  for more information about Beth's upcoming

Sacred Creative Activist workshop at her Yurt in the Woods Studio June 18th

Beth also offers:

Day long Immersions

On line one on one sessions

Residencies in communities

Sacred Creativity Principles​

  • Honoring that something inside you is ready to be expressed about how you feel about what is happening to nature on Earth

  • Honoring that creativity is an act of communion with the unknown and creates resilience in our time of radical changes

  • Honoring that your intuition and imagination are your guides to self love and communal care

  • Honoring the parts of you that might feel angry, despondent, anxious or numb knowing they are not all of you, but have wisdom to share.

  • Honoring that creativity is a radical act that overturns the dominant paradigm of feeling controlled by outside forces.

  • Honoring that creativity supports us in trusting our inner voice that can be externalized to set boundaries, connect with others, and create beauty.

  • Honoring that creativity is at the heart of a healed society

  • Honoring that we can have a direct affect on political, environmental and social issues through courageous, creative action. 

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